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Atlanta, GA

(404) 487-8731

Welcome to lilywrap, home of the first eco-friendly, stretchy reusable gift wrap.

Stretchy reusable gift wrap to revolutionize the gift wrap industry!

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, lilywrap’s mission is to help gift-wrappers everywhere materially reduce the amount of time and paper wasted in the gift wrapping process by providing stylish, reusable, and convenient wrapping solutions with our new reusable gift wrap.

Gift giving has always been a core part of American culture and celebrations, but it has recently transformed into an art, a hobby, and some would argue a representation of one’s personal creativity, but existing reusable gift wrap or bags are just plain boring. What if you could forego the time and unnecessary resources needed to create a traditional paper-wrapped gift, but still get the same thoughtful, chic results? With our reusable gift wrap, gift givers can wrap a present of virtually any size or shape in mere seconds using the drawstring closure that ties into a decorative bow.

lilywrap's reusable gift wrap fabric patterns are stylish and trendy, giving consumers a wide selection to match their personal tastes and fit any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, showers, holidays and more. The reusable gift wrap is made of a durable, versatile material giving it the ability to flex over oddly shaped packages, like a vase, a platter, or even a soccer ball.

Furthermore, lilywrap reusable gift wrap products are designed to appeal to consumers who are environmentally-conscious, seek convenience, or just want the latest new gift product. Simply put, lilywrap reusable gift wrap can be used over and over again, giving users that eco-friendly, feel-good vibe in every use.

With our user-friendly, versatile and reusable gift wrap designs, lilywrap saves both time and trees.  lilywrap reusable gift wrap can be found in select retail stores across the U.S., including small boutiques and eco-friendly stores.  For more information and to view a demo video of our patent-pending reusable gift wrap, visit



Lilywrap | stretchy reusable gift wrap | saving time + trees. Our versatile, reusable gift wraps quickly fit to a variety of shapes and sizes with ease.

  • Eco-friendly and easy-to-use gift wrap alternative, saving time + trees
  • Versatile, stretchy, reusable gift wrap fits snugly to a variety of shapes and sizes with the same look and style as traditional wrapping paper
  • Quickly and easily wrap a present of virtually any shape for a beautiful, custom-wrapped gift