Lilywrap Revolutionizing Gift Wrapping Industry

Lilywrap's innovative, reusable gift wrap designed to save both time and trees

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--lilywrap, makers of a unique, patent-pending gift wrapping product are making holiday prep simpler, chicer, and greener than ever before. The company’s innovatively designed stretchy gift wrap with built-in bow fits snugly to a wide variety of packages presenting consumers with a stylish, reusable, and convenient alternative for a custom-wrapped gift.

“We wanted to develop an eco-friendly product that didn’t sacrifice the chic and often creative results from traditional wrapping paper,” said Ashley Edmonds, CEO of lilywrap and gift-giving enthusiast.“Lilywrap is unlike any product we’ve seen in the market – not only due to its smart, reusable design, but also its ease-of-use for the time-crunched more

Get excited! Lilywrap has been featured in several publications. Stay tuned for the latest scoop!