Size Chart: If you think your gift might be in between sizes, choose the bigger size

Can you help me determine size? Sure! If you’ve looked at the size chart and are still unsure- shoot us an email with the dimensions to  We’re happy to guide you.

How do you make the bows look so good? The key to beautiful bows is two-fold. First, don’t make the loop part of the bow too big. Small bows look best. Second, a 2-second fluffing of the loops goes a long way!

My ribbons have become slightly wrinkled. Can I get the wrinkles out? You bet! We’ve found that steaming the ribbons with a simple handheld steamer takes less than a minute and looks great! You can also lightly iron on a low setting.

Do I ask for the wrap back or is it part of the gift? That’s totally up to you. We generally think of it as part of the gift - but hey! - asking for it back is certainly not unheard of.

Are your fabric wraps washable? Yes! The wraps are made of durable spandex fabric blends, which are hand-washable.

If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us at